Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I did some intervals on the hand bike:
4x 60 sec on 60 sec off. @ 75 rpm
4x30 on 30 0ff.
the rpms were too high, and my watts were all over the place.
8x30 on 30 off @60 rpm.
target watts:
on: 275

Tonight I'm going to make some gumbo.. assuming I can find some file powder.


Jesse said...

Nice man. I grew up in LA. While I'm not a vet with the gumbo like the moms is, I like to give it a stab every here and there.

All about the roux.

Perhaps if there is no file in the stores there, you can go into the wild, hunt down a sassafras tree, and make your own. I dig them because their leaves smell like fruit loops.

J. B. Zero said...

I actually found some in one of the local markets. I had to go to three places, but I found some.
No sassafras trees out here, which is too bad.
And if you cut a branch it smells like rootbeer.