Tuesday, February 19, 2008

But Mom, I'm not hungry for Ballard!*

Yesterday, it was sunny and in the mid 50s here in Seattle. I wore shorts, and had lunch with the wife outside. A little girl and her mother walked past. The girl stomped along and in a whiny voice said "but Mahhhhhum, I'm not hungry for Ballard!" I have no idea what that means.
Yesterday was a triple workout day.

workout 1:
kb clean and press ladder/chin-up

workout 2:
BJJ class.
Sweeps and sparring.

workout 3:
10x 60 sec on 120 off on the hand bike.
average watts: 120
goal "off" watts: 60
assuming above watts were acheived, average "on" watts: 240

2x 4 minutes of tabata on the erg.

Then I went out for sushi with the in-laws.

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