Wednesday, January 2, 2008

S'cuse me, but I think the beach is "That way!"

The wife and I went out to the Olympic Peninsula this weekend. We stayed in cabins at the Kalaloch lodge. The in-laws and the wife's step-sister (and her husband) had their own cabins. We spent our days hiking by ourselves and spent our nights playing hearts with the famn damily. It was a lot of fun. We got the idea when we stayed at the Lake Quinault lodge. Kalaloch has the beach and better cabins, the restaurant at Quinault, however is better by at least an order of magnitude.
We went out to the peninsula via Sequim. We stopped at our favorite coffee place in Sequim (it also sells fantastic ice cream). I spent a lot of time thinking about Jesse and Callie Marunde as we drove out of town and deeper into the mountains. I thought about Callie starting the new year as a widow. I thought of my wife and what it would be like if somehow she was in the same position. It gave me a lot of perspective.
This year I have lifted myself back to "reasonably strong." My shoulder injury is no longer an excuse.
I have started this blog posted 199 times (including this one).
I have looked for, but not yet found a new job.
I quit rowing and started Jujitsu.
I have read dozens of books, on nearly all my subjects of interest.
I am fitter and healthier and smarter than I was in 2006.
I have less debt (not much less, but less).
I have more friends.
I intend to continue this pattern in 2008, because there's no one promising that I'll be around for 2009.

No workouts the past couple days. Couple hikes, one long, one short.
Happy new year..
forget the resolutions, make commitments.

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