Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brand Spankin' New!

Here it is, fresh from the farm new blog.
Pretty sweet eh?
Ok, I haven't really done anything with this thing.. yet.
Let's start slow shall we. Here's a dump and description of my 3 favorite blogs (which will give some insight into what I intend to do here)

Numero Uno:
I, Asshole
S.J.'s more than excellent blog, about, well.. everything and nothing. About Life for lack of a better. Very funny, crass, witty, well spoken and honest, above all honest. A really excellent read (fair warning at times very NSFW). May contain references to funginas, mongoose pron and B. Spears.

Zwei (by a hair's breadth)
Mistress Krista. Her blog about all things, and all things iron. Very intelligent and witty site about lifting heavy things. Funny, and academic at the same time. Very smart and informative without prostletizing or talking over her readers. Great site for anyone looking to get fitter, or lift heavy things. Made for a woman, but strong enough for anyone. Would be in the top spot, but she's just not as prolific as S.J. (that and she doesn't live in my neighborhood)

Male Pattern Fitness
Lou Shuler was a managing editor for men's health, and men's fitness. He's written some great books on the iron game, and writes a lot of good stuff about fitness, fatness and everyones favorite team your 2006 world series champion St. Louis Redbirds (he's from my home town of St. Lou). Good dude, and great blog.

There it is, wit and wackiness, honesty, lifting, life, fitness, fatness and probably a bit about my favorite sports teams, music and shows on the T.V. That's sort of what I'm shooting for. Who knows this could end up a blog about happy slapping, or Spanish cheese making, but only time will tell.


Dorkmitten said...

AHA! Peep! And woot!

J. B. Zero said...

Oh nos!I am teh busted!