Monday, January 21, 2008

meat for the grinder.

Saturday was a slog.
I went to Jitz, trained some stand-up/takedowns.
Rolled for a while, recouped, then went straight to the gym for an abbreviated workout.
I knew I wouldn't be able to do the whole thing, but I wanted to get some lifting in this week.
4x5 @ bw

worked up to a single @ 205

rows (close grip, bent):

I did some delt work to push my bionic shoulder along.
It was a grind the whole time. I wanted to be doing anything but lifting, but I got through it. Then I went home and crashed.
I laid on the couch feeling like walking hamburger.

The wife and I are great customers for any restaurant. We get in, sit down, order, and get out without too much dilly dallying. That said, the one thing that annoys me to no end is when a kitchen is slow. I never reflect it in my tips, because it's not the wait-staff's fault, however it bugs me. I guess it's because I've been in the kitchen for those nights. I know it's the owner/hostess's fault for over seating and not staggering the diners well enough. I don't mind waiting for a table, but once I sit, and order, I hate to wait... Maybe it's just me.
We had one of these this weekend, and a really great little spot in Greenwood. We'll have to give it a try again when/if we can ever afford to go out on a week-night again.

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