Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I had some good technique work last night, good warm-ups. Got loose, and sweaty without completely knocking myself out.
My hips are opening up quite a bit. During warm-ups we do quite a number of BW squats, and I am getting better depth with my feet wider. Progress is progress.
Tonight is legs then roll, we'll see how that works out. I am going to take this week off sparring for the most part. Give some of my nagging injuries a break, and take some of the stress off of my CNS. I'm going keep things pretty light in the gym this week too. Do more sets with little or no rest. Not quite a full deload week, but spend a little more time on conditioning. I'm nine weeks out from competition. my training plan is as follows:
this week, more lifting volume, less rolling (BJJ deload)
3 weeks lifting heavy and rolling (similar to the past month or so)
1 week off off lifting and more conditioning.
4 weeks of conditioning work. All lifting will be in complexes or full body work including super sets.
1 week deload and competition prep.
1 week rest and recoup.

Weight check: 1 lb under without gi on. Still need to drop 4-5 lbs to have a comfortable margin with the gi.
I am hoping to come in comfortably under so that I don't have to spend the week before the competition worrying about my food. I'd rather focus on my diet early so that I can focus on technique and training for the last few weeks. I don't need the stress leading up to the competition.

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