Saturday, December 1, 2007

The next level.

Last night's workout pushed me past my physical limits. It's one I'll repeat for time eventually as a measure of how far I've come:
500m row (1:30)
10x deadlift (225)
25 boatstrap push-ups (push-up suspended from 2 straps hanging from a squat rack)
10 boatstrap climbs (feet on the floor, legs "dead" lower yourself to the floor, then climb back up the straps.. brutal)
25 a side KB clean and jerk (44)
10 russian twists floor to floor (2 plates) touch left side, touch right side, touch left side is 1.
500m row (1:37)

Almost threw up, passed out, thought I was going to die.

5x slosh pipe carrys 50m and back.

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