Monday, December 3, 2007


Sunday I went to a workshop put on by the local RKC certified guru guy. It was good to get further depth on my kettlebell technique. I learned the swing, clean and snatch on a visit back home to visit a pal, and just "felt" my way through technique from there.. which is not the best way to learn to do something properly. I went through the course and found out the root of my problems with my snatch (arm too straight) and learned the proper way to rack a clean (hips further forward, hand straighter). There are a few things I disagree with (I think the "bent arm" type swing puts too much pressure on the biceps tendon, so I don't use it for higher volume swings.. but then again that's the problem with my snatch, so what do I know) but all in all I learned a lot. It was money very well spent.
THere was a gentleman there from Russia who assisted the guy running the workshop. His technique was picture perfect. During the breaks he would start juggling bells, or doing drills.. mostly just goofing around. It was incredible. It reminded me of the Kiwi guys I used to play rugby with who could make a rugby ball sit up and dance. It's always cool to see an athlete work in his personal media.

What tricks can one do with a rugby ask?
Well, these for starters:

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