Friday, December 14, 2007

Band in the U.S.A.

Played around with the new Monster Mini bands a lot during last night's workout:

Better bands, and a ton more pressure than what I was using before. It forced me to stay much tighter under the bar. This is going to help my bench a ton.

3x4@bw-MM looped under my knee.

Push press:

EZ-curl bar bent rows:
I did these for a few reasons:
1) Folks were waiting to use both of the lifting platforms.
2) I like them, the bent bar forces you to use your back more than biceps.
3) I figured I might inspire some of the bench curl dudes to do some fricken rows once and a while.

Oh and Jesse, or anyone else who has hip mobility issues check out this article.

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Jesse said...

Thanks for the hot tip, man. Hope your weekend was as good as mine.