Friday, November 23, 2007

Iron and sweet 'tator pah.

I made a couple sweet potato pies for thanksgiving. One of my favorites. Still have one left for entertaining tonight.

Went over to the wife's grandparents last night. They're good folks, we had fun. I ended up carving the turkey, which if you see me as an ex-vegetarian makes no sense, but if you know me as a butcher's kid who grew up eating anything that swims or crawls it's a bit more reasonable.

Got in a good workout yesterday, though I had to hurry as I was cooking pies, cranberry sauce, roasted parsnips and brussels sprouts, along with a cedar planked stuffed salmon. I love cooking for the holidays.


Bent rows:


4x4 @bw

2 handed grapplers:
4x10 @ 45 each hand.

hope you're having a great holiday.

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