Monday, October 15, 2007

what a great weekend..

Friday, I took off from work a little early (Thursday I was there till 10 pm). Got to the gym around 3:30 or so. Workout:
Speed Squats
8x2 @ 225 (45 sec rest)

5 singles @ 315.
Tried some conventional, and some sumo. My sumo is still better.

Headed home, showered and got all spiffy (tie and everything).
My father-in-law got a private room at Trader Vic's. We had great food. The wife was a knockout in her LBD which isn't quite little enough these days. We had a good time.

Saturday was BJJ. I learned the arm-bar from mount, and the 360 drill. The big news is I was allowed to spar for the first time. I rolled with a brown belt, and I feel pretty good about how I did. I got choked once, and arm barred once, but that's supposed to happen when you roll with a more experienced player.Slight breach of etiquette when I attempted a heel hook (lower belts are not supposed to attempt leg locks.. which I found out after) I apologized to the professor, and the guy I was rolling with, I think all was forgiven. Later, I got a few kudos from some other folks at the school. I had a blast! My toes on the other hand, not so much. I have mat burn on top of my big toes on both feet, they're kind of scabby and gross, which is less than ideal. I'm treating them, and hoping for the best.

Saturday night we headed to a cabin at Ross lake, which is a beautiful lake in the mountains. We stayed in a floating cabin up there that night with some friends. It was a great time.

Last night we went shopping at the Ballard Market. Really cool place with some good prices and... everything. We got a couple lbs of mussels and I steamed them with white wine and garlic. We had those and a Capresi salad for supper. It was great.


Code name: 1% said...

wow. can i have your weekend?

J. B. Zero said...

You can try.
I recommend it highly.