Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Owie still an owie.

my back/rib still hurts. I took yesterday fully off.
Today I'm just going to do some intervals, so I can keep the weight off my spine.
Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be able to move and breathe well enough to do my heavy upper body work.
More on that as it develops.

I've been a little lax on my diet of late. So I'm officially going to buckle it down. Just a lot of little bits here and there, and to be honest, I want to be more diligent. I am starting to get "old man fat" android adiposity inside my abdominal cavity. That's a red flag for insulin resistance, and C.V. disease. I'm 32, it's time to get that sorted out. It may hurt my PL numbers, but who the hell cares. Can't set PRs if you're dead.

I am in discussions with my rowing club to become the Strength and Conditioning coach for the men's team. I am talking to the head coach this weekend about it. The men's team has issues, they're mostly lightweight men (155 weight limit) but in master's rowing there are very few lightweight races. So when they race Open weight men, they have a built in excuse for losing (even though at most levels there is not a significant difference in speed between open-weights and lightweights). My goal as S and C coach (assuming I get the gig) is to create an environment where the guys are mentally tough, and trust in each other. I'll know exactly what's what on Saturday.


ces said...

I find it interesting that your main job as "Strength and Conditioning" Coach will be to create "mental tough[ness], and trust".

Not that I disagree with either your goal, or your methods.

I guess you can't rightly advertise for a 'create-killer-instinct', 'instill-will-to-win', or 'defeat-wussiness' coach, can you?

Be careful, though. We had a conversation several years ago about what makes a back and a forward. A forward is NOT a bigger, stronger, slower back.
A forward is an entirely separate animal, an attitude, a world-view - at least, a 'pitch-view'.

I'm not sure one can be taught to be a forward.

Maybe the analogy doesn't hold. I don't know. Just something to think about.

J. B. Zero said...

My Job will be to get the guys more powerful, and more fit, my GOAL will be to create an environment where they've worked hard enough that accepting defeat hurts. Hopefully to the degree that it becomes no longer acceptable. Subtle but important distinction.

The problem with rowing is that it is very easy to be a lazy rower. Unless the coach calls you out, or unless you're the only one being lazy, it's very difficult for your teammates to tell who in the boat is dogging it. I intend to shed light where there was once darkness.

I can't imagine that you would disagree.

This is true, but an athlete is an athlete, no matter how they ply their trade.

One cannot be taught to be anything, but you can show someone the price of admission, and they either pay it, or admit that it's not worth the cost.

J. B. Zero said...

Update on this.
The current men's coach is leaving and didn't want to "change the structure of the team in the short time (he) has left." I don't blame him, you can't really open a can of worms then leave. So nothing happened.