Friday, September 28, 2007

+5 staph of Oozing.

On top of my rib issues, I have a second degree burn on my wrist with a staph infection. It's wasn't responsive to "triple antibiotic ointment" or rubbing acohol, so I had to go to the doctor when the the redness around the burn kept getting bigger, and I started having striations running up my forearm. I went to the doc, he gave me a big honken jar of topical antibiotic, a bunch of gauze, and some oral ABs. A med tech wrapped it up (badly, it was all wrinkled and misshapen. I have to wear this thing people! Have some pride. Obviously she'd never taped an ankle). I changed the dressing this morning, and the redness is going away, and I don't have any more striations on my arm. So I'm pretty sure I'm on the mend.

Heavy Upper workout:
1@235! (post op PR)
10@135 close grip (mostly for fun)


2X4 (each arm) @65 (stopped at 2 sets as this was killing my back/rib)

Fixed bar Triceps extentions (with the rope attachment):

Face pulls:
12,10,8,8 @ 80

No rows today as my back was pretty sore.

Went over to the boathouse to see the wife. She and several of her teammates were doing a circuit together. It was great stuff: Burpies, KB swings, Figure 8s with a lunge, lots of ab work, 45sec on 15 off. It's no secret why they're fast.
I tried to be unobtrusive, but I think I may have failed. I really try not to step on the wife's toes in those situations, but I get so excited being around people with such a high work ethic again. I tend to get caught in the moment. I decided to just walk away. I did some band pull-aparts, and hung out with our good friend who was doing some high volume work, and talked to her about some prehab stuff she's doing.

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