Friday, September 21, 2007

Madness, Insanity, and a social life.

This weekend I was very social.
More on that in a minute. Lets get the workouts logged in:
Friday night:
clean, squat, snatch complexes: (clean, squat, lower the kb, snatch)
5x10 each arm.

all with the 20kg.

Speed Lower:
Squats (60 sec) rest:

all singles

(No accesory lifts, we were in a bit of a rush)

Friday night was low-key, we knew we had a big weekend ahead. So we decided to keep it quiet.
Dinner at the local mexican joint, and some T.V.

Saturday morning was our inter-boathouse race. I was supposed to race a triple, but one of the women in the boat ended up bailing out, so I just grabbed a couple friends and we rowed a mixed 4+. It was fun. We went pretty quick. My back is killing me from it even still, but WTF, you only live once.

After that we fired Bank Of America. I started with BofA years ago when I was moving a lot (St. Louis, CHicago, then out here) I needed a big national bank. So I got rid of my Credit Union checking account, and signed on with BofA. After ups and downs, and some horrible customer service, we're with BECU, and all is right with the world.

From there we went to the gym (see above)

Then to Costco, to buy some veggies for the big fancy rowing gala to be held last night. I bought some crimini mushrooms, some sweet potatoes, bell peppers, and tomatoes (we already had 2 small pumpkins). I got some spiffy courderoy pants (super comfortable, I'm wearing them right now!). We headed home to do some cooking. I peeled and cut the SP and Pumpkins into 1 in chunks. I doused all the veggies in olive oil and herbs de provence. I put the SP, and mushrooms in a 500 degree oven. I grilled the tomatoes, and pumpkins, and charred the Peppers under the broiler. I cut all this up doused with salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and Gorgonzola and brought to the big fancy gala.

The dish was a little mushy as I didn't quite have the oven space to cook all of the veggies, and so they got a little crowded, but it was such a hit, that I almost didn't get any.

I was looking very dapper dressed in my new charcoal grey cords, a white button down shirt with blue pinstripes, and a ridiculously nice blue Brooks Brother's blazer that my wife's grandfather bought for me. One that is so nice I want to wear it every day, but at the same time, I'm a little embarrassed by the price of it.
There was an auction, and awards, and a good time was had by all.

My pair partner got completely crocked at the fancy rowing gala, and while he didn't behave badly, but his best traits do not come out when he's drunk. He's normally funny and self deprecating, but when he's drunk he becomes a total clown. I won't air his dirty laundry here, but I will share some of how I feel. He's a good guy, could be a great guy, but he lacks a sense of himself (which makes it hard to be himself).

I can see and understand what he's going through, because I went through the same stuff (when I was 20). The guy is very smart, and funny, but when he gets around girls he completely melts down, and reverts to showing off, which as Steve Martin said "Is the idiots version of being interesting."

After the fancy rowing gala, we all went to visit a friend for her birthday. The group waiting consisted of 8 women, all attractive and well dressed. This was a great chance for my friend to talk to some girls, make them laugh and feel good about himself, perhaps get a number or two. From what I hear he did exactly the opposite. He acted badly, made a fool of himself and ended up distancing himself from a group of women some of whom were already his friends. I hope that he learns from this. I hope he learns that getting sh*tfaced, and trying to be cooler than you are is not a good way to be liked. If you succeed you have to keep being that guy, and if you fail, you look like someone who wants to be that guy.

People do that stuff when they're young, as a crutch, to hide who they really are, but once you get older it just pushes people away, everyone's seen it or done it, and knows it's a farce. My wife and I are two of a handful of people who really know the guy, and I'm disappointed that he continues to do things to keep everyone at arms length. I wish I knew what people had done for me to show that I really don't have to be something other than honest, and interested in other people to be liked. I wish I could show him how much people like the thoughtful and honest side of him that comes out when you strip away the dog and pony show that he shoves to the forefront, and what a pain it is to have to do so.

went over to my cousin's (actually my Step-father's second cousin, but who's keeping score here) and had a very nice meal with some of her friends. A little awkward, but fun. I played some soccer with my.. cousin's daughter.. second cousin.. I don't really know the whole thing is very confusing) Any way, I made a panzanella salad, and we had fun.
Hope your weekend was as entertaining.
Now if you're excuse me I'm going to not talk to anyone for a week.

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Code name: 1% said...

To quote the final panel of today's comic from my favorite webcomic, Questionable Content:

"Maturity is knowing you were an idiot in the past...wisdom is knowing that you'll be an idiot in the future. And common sense is knowing that you should try not to be an idiot NOW."

It's funny how different people learn the same lessons in life at different times. Interpersonal relationships would be a lot easier if everybody learned the same stuff at the same age. Something like "Oh, of course person X was acting that way - he's only 25 and hasn't figured out Y yet".