Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I got home, had a snack and digested for a bit, changed clothes, and at 5:49 I got started.
I finished the first 20 at 6:01.
I stopped long enough to flick on the simpsons.
at 6:22 I was half way. I stopped to take on some water, and headed for the home stretch.
I finished right at 6:40.
I am sweating like a baptist in a whorehouse.
My surgically repaired shoulder is sore, and I have a serious runner's high.
I am wiped out, but I did it.
hells yeah.
Have a great night.

1 comment:

Christine Petty said...

What I'm really interested in is how you are going to feel tomorrow.

You realize that you are making me try this.