Friday, April 20, 2007

Gym Jones

Mark Twight goes off as only he can.

In my review of 3oo I mentioned that there was too much body make-up used in parts of the movie. In light of the above rant let me clarify:
In movie making there are times when the lighting has to be set up in such a way that it will either leave the actor's faces covered by shadows, or will wash out the features of their bodies. In most movies this would not be a problem as no one cares if the small creases of their clothes are washed out. In 300 this was a bit trickier as the actors were bare chested. So movie people doing what they do, added make-up to their bodies to make the muscles stand out in those lighting conditions. In my opinion they were a bit heavy handed in those scenes. The scenes in question were the ones where there was heavy overhead lighting (the scenes in the meadows). There is no way in hell that the spartan physiques in 300 were "all make-up and cgi." Those guys busted ass to look that way, and to me it doesn't matter if they did it for 8 weeks, 8 months or 8 years. If I were Mark, I'd whip up a big batch of shut the hell up too.


Christine Petty said...

I thought they trained their asses off and looked great too. So, everyone else can go screw because they don't have the same dedication and perserverance. :)

J. B. Zero said...

If they worked out at Gym Jones you can bet they worked their asses off. It just irks me when people assume that since they don't have what it takes to get somewhere, that someone else has to 'cheat' to get there.