Friday, April 20, 2007

What are you training for?

Yesterday I was in the park dragging tires, and generally minding my own business, and two different people asked me: "what are you training for?" Let's forget for a second that you shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition. What am I training for? Am I training for a 1200+ total? To win rowing races? Am I training for a bodyweight snatch? Am I training to break 6:35 for a 2k erg piece? Sort of, but not really. Those are goals I have along the way (in the next 18-24 months) , but those are not the reasons I'm training.
I am training because I feel like a work in progress. I train because I need to test body and resolve against my imagination. I am training to be faster and stronger at 32 than I was at 17. I am training because I have expectations for what I should be able to do and training hard is the only way to get there. I am training to be sure that the tests I impose upon myself are significant so that when I am tested by life, hopefully I will respond. I am training to feel like myself.
I'm training for life.
Not just the extension there of, that's buying a reserved ticket for a train that could come any second. I am training to feel alive and to be physically able to live how I want. That's "What I'm training for."

hopefully I don't sound too much like this
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