Monday, April 23, 2007

Brought to you by the National Dairy Board..

Not surprising (For a multitude of reasons) This article indicates that protein uptake from drinking milk post-exercise is greater than from Soy. The science is a bit dubious and fairly typical of studies 'sponsored' by various food lobbies . In this instance individuals did a single workout (god knows what they did it just says "a series of exercises with one leg") and then drank either a milk or soy 'beverage' (God knows what, or how much). The amount of protein taken up by their muscles was "measured" (god knows how) I assume they did not use radioactive isotopes and tissue samples to measure the protein uptake. Color me skeptical. So we have this rather dubious methodology, and the conclusion:
"if extended out to 10 weeks the data suggest (but did not show) that gains in muscle mass would be twice as great with milk as with soy,"
While I'm not arguing for soy, it would be easier to get along if the methodologies and the "results" extrapolated from them made any sense at all.

Going off on a rant without reading the full study, is asking for a face full of egg. In this particular case they DID biopsy the vastus lateralis muscles of the subjects. The measurements done were fairly valid.

Many thanks to Mistress Krista for the lesson in research before you rant. I am going to leave this up here for a little while as a retraction, then.. I don't know. Cynicism is not a flattering quality, and I should have completed my research before being so caustic. I have fallen into the trap of the internet loud mouth.. and that's not a good feeling. I really am embarrassed by this. Sorry folks, but I guess I've inadvertently proven my point. Be critical, of researchers, of journalists, and of bloggers. You never know who's having a bad day, and who's not following through on their research.


AE said...

I wouldn't take it too hard. My guess is that, like me, you found the idea of a muscle biopsy (and more pertinently, the bore of the needle necessary for said procedure) too disturbing to contemplate and therefore blocked from your memory that entire aspect of the experiment. Please feel free to continue sheltering me from all such talk of biopsies, needles, injections, blood samples, and the like. I know that I can count on you for all my unicorn-, rainbow-, and hot-air-balloon-related news.

J. B. Zero said...

You forgot about puppies and bunnies.

Anonymous said...

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