Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pimp my planet.

This may be a meaningless gesture, but funk it.
While action is better, gestures are better than nothing.
I have been struggling with this issue for a while now. I want to switch to a vehicle that uses biodiesel. I drive 50 miles a day, and do so in my beloved pick-up. Which puts out more than it's share of carbon. I have been looking for someone, ANYONE to build a light pick-up in diesel, and sell said vehicle in the states.
No dice.
You can either buy a small petrol truck or a big honken diesel. A big honking truck is not practical for where I live, but something in my redneck DNA makes me damn near depressed about the prospect of not driving a truck. I have been thinking about just getting the entire power plant on my old truck replaced, but how, and what would that cost?
What's an environmentally conscious hill-billy to do?

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