Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Take my life, take my land...

I watch a bit of T.V. but getting as early as I do leaves me with a bedtime of 9:30 maybe 10 on school nights. So, I only watch a few first run shows: Rome, Good eats, Mythbusters, CSI, and Iron Chef. I tend to come into cool shows a bit late, and more and more it's well after they're canceled. Three prime examples: Firefly, Arrested Development, and Family Guy. All great shows, I own all of the dvds of all 3 and all were canceled mostly because of crappity time slots.

Arrested Development was given to me by my brother. I thought the first 3 episodes were kind of lame, but it get's better as the characters flesh out.

A.D. reminded me of Firefly, if only because Jason Bateman looks exactly like Nathan Fillion. Firefly always intrigued me, but it was on at 8pm on Friday. Now I know it's a sci-fi show, and we nerdly types aren't supposed to have a social life, but I did (so sue me). I didn't catch this show until after I had seen Serenity on HBO, then went back and watched the show on dvd.
Family guy is the show so nice they'll have to cancel it twice. Which makes me think, if a good edgy show comes to a studio, and they’re too big of pansies to really back it, why not release it on dvd first, drum up some buzz and THEN put it on t.v.

We are inundated with media. It's everywhere. People are crapping out clips on youtube so fast I'm surprised youtube can keep up. Most of the media out there is nonsense, twinkies for the soul. However, because it is so ubiquitous and available, things that the networks/moviestudios/music honchos deem un-saleable are still there for the asking. This has already happened to the music business. The big studios keep churning out the same crapola, and the people with taste are looking elsewhere. the question remains will people keep looking? Part of me is cynical and believes that people will feed on the slop they are given, and anything resembling work to find something, anything else/better/different will be too much for the girthy masses. But maybe not. Hopefully, as the means of production get dispersed the big corporate outlets will choke under their own weight, and people will go back to making things because they think they are quality, not just because they test well. Here’s hoping.


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