Thursday, March 15, 2007

Specialization is for insects.

I was having a conversation with my friend CES and he sent me a quote. Lets see how I fare.

A human being should be able to:

change a diaper >check no problem

plan an invasion >I could.

butcher a hog >Sure, wouldn't eat him if I had the choice, but I could.

conn a ship >starboard, Port, fore and aft. sure.

design a building >You want that in cad or pro-e?

write a sonnet >Got a degree in literature chumpy, no problem.

balance accounts >You just said "should be able to" right, not "always remembers to?"

build a wall >I can frame one out of wood and drywall, or pile up some rocks like my ancesters

set a bone >set my own nose.. a couple of times.

comfort the dying >here's hoping I never have to.

take orders >Sir, yes sir!

give orders >Done.

cooperate >with some better than others.

act alone >better at this one than most.

solve equations >everything up to calc.

analyze a new problem >every day.

pitch manure >Yup.

program a computer >VB, XML, SQL

cook a tasty meal >I can cook several.

fight efficiently >Wha'd you say 'bout my mama!?

die gallantly >As patton said "any poor bastard can die for his country, that's not the hard part. The trick to winning a war is to get the other poor son-ofa-bitch to die for HIS country!"

Specialization is for insects.

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