Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I subscribe to a ton of email newsletters.. a ton. I have a whole email address that is very little but. I skim through looking for wisdom, enlightenment, and entertainment.
One of the blogs I subscribe to is zenhabits.
I subscribe not because I agree with Mr. Babauta but because we disagree on a lot.
He is a vegan. I am not.
He is all about endurance activity. I'd rather have my teeth extracted via blowtorch.
He is a minimalist. I am a proponent of the right tool for the job, but no tool that only does one job.

but we agree on several things:
Mindfulness. be present.
Exercise is important.
Food is important.

And often people you disagree with on a great many things will tell you things you need to hear.
In light of yesterday's rant/post/lament.
Mr. Babauta's post today was something I needed to read.

1) Let go. I can't train. I'd like to, but I simply can't.

2) Accept what is. Each time I try to train when my leg is not ready sets me back several weeks. I need to accept that in order to move forward. Every time I try work around the reality, I get hurt again and start over.

3) Act with gratitude and compassion. My leg does not hurt. Completely asymptomatic in daily life. I can walk around on it, play with my kids and generally enjoy the vast majority of my life.
It will heal. I have my concerns that it will not, but that's pretty unfounded. It will heal, I will train. This is a problem, but a finite one. All of this could be not so. I could be in great pain. I could have an injury that will cause me pain for the rest of my life. I could be on crutches or staring down the barrel surgery. This is still not that bad.

Don't tune out folks with reasonable positions with which you disagree. They are more likely to tell you things you need to hear.


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