Friday, December 20, 2013

Knee Part II with more updatedness!

Went to the doc yesterday. Got some x-rays. We talked, we had times, it was emotional.
Sublexed proximal Tibia-Fibula joint. (I'm pretty sure it was dislocated, and not just sublexed. Either way it's back in now so who cares)
Pretty good IF I don't turn a stable joint into a mobile joint by sublexing it a whole bunch of times before it can heal up.
Whole lotta nuthin. for 4 weeks (week 1 in the books! whoopee). No deep flexion, no loading of the hamstring (lateral hamstring tendon of the long head of the biceps femoris attaches to the fibular head) So yay.
Hand bike and battle ropes for a month.
I'm going to end up doing kind of a push-pull split just so I can train more often.
This week I did pretty much nothing, and next week I'm going to keep doing just about nothing. While against my nature, a two week break probably isn't a bad thing.
Then a slow re-introduction of grappling related activity and loading of the lower body.

The upside is this: easily could have been a MCL/ACL/PCL blow out. which would have been 6-9 months of surgery and rehab. I have to keep that in mind, but the jiu jitsu junkie in me is already jonesing after a week of inactivity. The worst of it is it doesn't hurt. If it hurt, then I'd have incentive to prop it up and leave it be. It's a lot easier to not train when it is painful to do so. This is only going to get worse as it heals up and I get more and more bored.
In all the time that I've trained, I've taken a two week break once.. when the grizzly was born. On one hand I'm due. On the other hand, I have no frame of reference for what time off looks like, and as a competitive person I really wanted to reach black belt having never taken any time off.. control is an illusion.. I do not have control.

Bleh.. oh well. More family time over the Holidays.

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