Friday, July 13, 2012

Chicken fail.

Over the past few months I've been raising chickens. Inspired by a friend, and jealous of tasty home grown eggs, we got 5 chicks and I built a coop. I was going to post pictures and tell the story once we had some eggs to show for it. Sadly there will be no eggs, at least in the short term. My backyard is a raccoon superhighway, and they have killed all but one of my ladies.
They got the first on July 3rd. the fence did it's job, but the Chauncy got too close to the fence. The raccoon grabbed her, and got her through the fence.
They came back around noon to finish. I heard the other ladies squawking, and ran out with a big stick. I gave them a bit of a whooping, shouted, threw some rocks. A few days later Sonny, and Bob Dylan got gotten while we were at a service for the wife's grandmother. Black Francis survived, but only because I hid her in the garage, and gave her up for adoption.
I have never seen raccoons attack chickens in broad daylight like that.
I have purchased some electric fencing and will come back with supercoop version 2.0 soon.
more on that when there's more to it.

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