Thursday, May 17, 2012


More workout updatedness.

Deads kept things light. pulled 3 at 405.
Then did split squats to infinity.

Rows 1/2 kneeling x a lot at some weight.
push-ups a holy crap ton.

BJJ taught some takedowns Tani Otoshi in the gi, and high crotch in no gi.
Rolled some after. Went home very tired.

Su: off.. ish. Lots of yard work for Mother's day.

M: taught guard passing. Rolled with a few blue belts, and taught a lot. Overall not too taxing.

Power Cleans: light sets of 3 at 135.
Press: 4x5 at 135.
Still taking care of my elbows.

Tuesday night I built the Grizzly a sandbox for his birthday. I put 900 lbs of sand in it. All of which I carried two 50lb bags at a time out of the car, up 8 steps into the back yard. Brutal.
Took Wednesday off because I was sore as all heck.

For no reason at all Jack White:


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