Thursday, May 10, 2012


My own training has been good lately, but my elbows have felt like Big Black sounds ragged, raw and painful (in a good way in the case of Big Black.. not so much with my elbows).

I have been cutting down the volume of my pull-ups on Tuesdays, and trying to spread it out over the week. We'll see if that helps.

Last week:
went to Sleeper Athletics just for a change of scenery. Got some good rolls in and a sweep that I'd been playing with for a while and tightened it up.

Cleans: Some. light sets of 3 working up to 155
Press: sets of 5 working up to 135 set of 15 at 95
Chins: lots

one good roll with one of the blackbelts at the academy. I get dealt to every time we roll, but I have my moments.. I've been having more lately.. Improvement is good.

Deads: worked up to a double at 455
Box Front squats: worked up to 5 at 185

Took it off to finish building the chicken coop. More on that later.

Drills and 3 rolls. Black belt, blue, black.. and spent.

Good class. Did some pull-ups, TGUs, and some other stuff to warm up.
Rolled a bit.

cleans worked up to 2 at 185
press: worked up to 5 at 135 my elbows felt like garbage, so just kept it light and easy.
chins: 1x amap
some light gun show stuff to help heal the elbows.

more rolling. kept it light. rolled with a couple smaller guys, didn't get too aggro. Working on some stuff.

th: the plan is deads to 405 (light) then a crap ton of single leg bw stuff.

this is big black:

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