Monday, March 26, 2012

Fundamental Strength and Conditioning.

I have a confession to make. I am not a full time coach. I'm not embarrassed by that omission. Some people may believe that somehow detracts from my credibility, but until 5-10 years ago almost no one was making a full time living coaching and training. If someone wants to argue with my ideas, then I'd love to hear what they have to say. However, let's not confuse being able to live on what one can earn training people badly at a commercial gym for insight and credibility.
Over the past 5+ years I have coached, assessed, and programmed somewhere between 1-5 athletes at a time, and advised the coaching staff for several athletic clubs (most of which were teams that I was either a part of at the time, or had been.) all while working full time in a completely unrelated field. I developed theories, principals, and methodologies. I have literally gigs of training programs and materials I have written over the years. I asked to be paid was only so that I could in turn buy equipment to work with them, or books and DVDs to improve my skill set. I was spending more than I made, but that's ok because I was giving back to people, sports, and clubs that had given me so very much, and getting good at what I do.
Now I am at a crossroads in my life. I have a child, and a wife. I have a life and training of my own. I can't go off for hours and hours a week just to help someone out, and still work full time and fulfill all of the responsibilities of a husband and a dad. But this is genuinely what I love to do. The conundrum is do I try to do this full time, or quit all together. The latter was unthinkable, so I'm going do it full time. (past tense)

I appreciate the love and support that I have gotten from everyone over the years. I could not be more excited.

P.S. Fear not gentile reader, I will continue to post my thoughts here.. and to be honest this compartmentalization will allow me to post more thoughts outside of the training world.

P.P.S. Well that which was on is of again. It will again be on some day.


Jesse said...

Congratulations, John. Awesome news!

Code name: 1% said...

That's so cool! If only we weren't cross-continent from you.

J. B. said...

Thanks for the support guys. Means a lot!