Friday, September 9, 2011


I had a completely different topic to write about, but THIS has been bugging me to no end. Let me start of by prefacing this with I don't know Nick Diaz. Never met him, so I cannot say what his motivations are so the following observations come more from my experiences as a coach and an athlete than from my understanding of Mr. Diaz specifically. Let me also say that I think the guy is a world class talent, he works his guts out, and on fight day is mentally very tough. He could be one of the top fighters in the world.. but we'll probably never know because he keeps getting in his own way. The first time he was set to fight for a title (in Strikeforce agains Jay Hieron) he no-showed for his drug test. He got his stuff together and blew through everyone in Strikeforce and got the strap. This week he was on the precipice yet again, he was going to step to the next level: a title shot in the UFC, a chance to make the kind of money he feels that his talents and all of his work are worth, and he ghosts again.
He's been a professional fighter for 10 years. He knows he has to go take his drug test. He has 9 fights in the UFC. He knows he has to go to the pressers. It's the price of being a professional fighter. I don't think anyone enjoys that stuff. So if he knows all this, why did he miss those events? It's not that he's afraid of GSP or Hieron. I don't think Nick Diaz is afraid of any man. I think he's afraid of success.
Most people are. How many people do you see in life that work the same job they complain about daily? They have the same body when they know what to eat, and how to train? They live the same life because it's what they've always done. Moving forward is scary. Sometimes it requires a big leap, sometimes a small step.. but it's hard to tell the difference when you're fairly comfortable where you are.
I've not only seen it, I've been that person. I am taking steps right now to move my life forward, to do the things that I've wanted, dreamed, and planned for years, but it's scary. I only have a limited time on this earth, how do I want to spend those? What example do I want to provide for my friends, my readers, my son?
What are you missing out on? How often have you peeked over the ledge and not jumped?
I hope Nick Diaz figures it out. I was looking forward to the GSP fight. I'm still looking forward to Diaz vs. Penn which looks like it's now on.
Likewise if you're in that position.. jump.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
Leo Tolstoy


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