Monday, September 12, 2011

Kate's log 9/12/11

I am now 9 weeks out of surgery, and I¹ve had a bit of a rough week. I have been experiencing some residual pain for several weeks; it seems to come and go with no noticeable pattern. Usually, the pain seems like a reminder that something is going on back there; it¹s not physically hindering me, but is worrisome nonetheless. This week, after Tuesday¹s workout, that pain increased significantly, to the point that both John and I were concerned.
Knowing that I have an appointment with my physical therapist on Monday morning, we decided to take Wednesday off, take Thursday easy, and reevaluate on Friday.

Monday, I did 3 x 10¹ on the bike.

Tuesday, I lifted at the boathouse, and stuck strictly to the workout prescribed by John.

Wednesday, I took off.

Thursday, I felt pretty good and decided to attack my 10 x 2¹ on the bike aggressively. My heart rate stayed in the low 150¹s for most of the intervals, and I quickly learned that I have a lot of work to do.

Friday, I felt great; probably better than I¹ve felt in weeks. I did not have a lot of time at the gym, though, as John had to attend a seminar later that evening. I did my physical therapy exercises first, and then did push ups, step ups, IYT¹s, static lunges, planks, bridges, and x-walks with my bands.

Saturday, I did 10 x 30² on / 1¹30² off on the bike. Heart rate was in the 150¹s. I have lots of work to doŠ still.

Sunday, I lifted at the gym. I completed the entire workout as prescribed though I subbed chin-ups for IYT¹s, plus my physical therapy exercises. This was, by far, my best workout since the surgery. I felt like I could move freely and I could work hard.

For a week that began with a pit in my stomach, the end leaves excited for the next. My goals for this week are to begin feeling more comfortable and confident on the bike.


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