Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let me 'splain.. no is too much let me sum up.

Big doings the last few weeks.
Went to the Perform Better 1 day seminar here in town, Met Martin Rooney, Alwyn Cosgrove and his better half Rachael. Most importantly learned a ton. Full write up to follow.

I am not writing much in the short term as I am studying for my NSCA CPT. Before I didn't need to be certified because I was working for the local rowing club and BJJ academy as a coach. So I was protected as an agent of those institutions. I have a major opportunity coming up, but I have to get my cert to make it work.
I feel fairly confidant that I'll pass the test, but I still have to study.
Wish me luck.


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Code name: 1% said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine.