Monday, April 25, 2011

dinners 4/17-4/24

I'm going to start posting pictures of what I eat for dinner. Partially to show that paleo doesn't have to be boring, partially to force myself to keep this blog alive. I may forget (forgot once last week) but should give you an idea of what I eat.
Breakfasts are always either eggs or leftovers.
Lunches are ground grass-fed beef and kale, and some fruit.
Afternoon snacks are fruit and leftovers or sardines.
If you would like recipes of anything you see email me and I will do my best to remember.


braised lamb and salad. (wife's portion) not shown: gravy.


Roasted chicken thighs and mashed plantains.


seared tuna and zucchini gratin


Paleo 'Slinger.' The wife was at a work function so it was just me that night. 2 burger pattys, left over mashed sweet potatos, grilled onions, and a fried egg. Not my proudest moment/meal.. but it was good.

Leftovers: no pic.

Lamb shawarma and salad. No pic.

Pulled pork and salad no pic.


Taco Salad lots of guac.

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LouK said...

Thank you for those recipes, they all look so good. Had to try the zucchini au gratin and it was delicious. What's your recipe source? It all looks so good.