Thursday, March 10, 2011

Off the mats in the gym.

Work, sickness, sick kid, have all conspired to keep me off the mats for a week. I have been hammering away in the gym though.

Kb snatch 20 sec on (5 reps) 20 sec off x10
Kb clean and press 20 sec on (4 reps) 20 sec off x10
all at 62

Front squats: 4x5
press/chins: 5x5/5

Kb snatch 30 seconds on (5 reps per hand) 30 off x15

battling ropes:
90 sec on
1minute off
1minute on 1minute off x4

box squats: 5x3
deadlifts: 2x5
hip thrusters: some

Feeling good. I haven't spent this much time working exclusively in the gym for a long time. It's kind of refreshing. It's a good way to reboot, and take some "time off" without getting all sloppy and out of shape.
A few weeks ago I was really frustrated. I got roundly trounced by two guys who are technically the same belt level as me, but have been there a good long time. One is a phenom, a natural who had come back from college for spring break. The other is a former pro fighter who is prepping for a major tournament. Those guys should trounce me, but my ego was in the way and I got annoyed with myself, and then really stopped paying attention to things and getting beat on worse and worse. It snowballed, my ego ate me up. This happened twice.
A little time away putting in hard work and suddenly I just want to be on the roll, don't care with whom, win or lose.
Should be back Saturday.

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