Wednesday, September 1, 2010

UFC 118

What a barn burner.
Wrestler's rule. Everyone who was able to take his opponent down on Saturday won. Wrestling has become (again.. remember everything new is old again) the most important skill in MMA.. for now.. until someone figures out another foil for it.

Joe Lauzon looked great. I'm glad to see him back. Hopefully with a tougher opponent he'll continue to look as good.

Marcus Davis is in trouble. His hand speed and reactions are failing him. He's a smart guy, and would be a good boxing coach for an MMA camp. Might be time for a new line of work.

Nate Diaz drives me nuts. Million dollar talent, five cent head.

Gray Maynard (full disclosure; one of my favorite fighters since his stint on TUF) will finally get a title shot.. one that I think he can win.

I like Ken Florian a lot. He's a Gracie Barra blackbelt, he went to Boston College (the wife's alma mater) but he made a classic mistake. He got ready for a power takedown guy (Gray 'the bully' Maynard) by stuffing the shot of a speed takedown guy (GSP). Tactically and technically very different. That's like training jiu-jitsu with Roy Nelson to get ready for Anderson Silva's guard.

Mario Miranda looked like a classic case of 'looks like Tarzan, fights like Jane.' I hope this was a case of getting thrown into the deep end too soon, because he's a Seattle guy and I'd like to see him do well.

Damian Maia looked great. His wrestling was super sharp, he took Miranda down at will. He's always had good takedowns in the gi. I'm glad to see it starting to transfer.

I love Randy Couture. He did what any wrestler in his right mind would do when facing a boxer: Oklahoma State style low single right off the jump. Ps.. I'll give you three guesses where Randy wrestled in college.. It shouldn't take two.

James Toney learning to sprawl is not enough, you still need to know how to get up off the mat.. hopefully this will never matter again. You were a great (all be it lazy) boxer.. stay that way.
Or go to Japan where they'll make fights you can win.

B.J. Penn lost because he refuses to be anything but the top dog in his camp. If he had an impartial coach, and training partners he'd know what to do when he wasn't the fastest guy in the ring. He'd learn to shorten up, smother and cut off the ring. Instead he continues to train with lesser athletes, and gets beat every time he is at a disadvantage in speed.

Frankie Edgar is a good dude, and I'm glad he decisively won the belt. I don't think he can answer Maynard's bullying style. It's just a bad match-up.


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