Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That would be good for MMA..

Last night I was in the gym, I was working on my clean technique. A guy comes up to me and asks "what's that good for."
I wanted to answer "pretty much everything."
but figured that would lead to more questions, so I kept it short
"building explosiveness and quickness."
He asks "so are you a boxer or something?"
"Brazilan jiu-jitsu and submission grappling actually."
He gives me a puzzled look.
I explain what it is "... ground fighting, arm locks, chokes, and the like."
"Hey, that would be good for MMA."
"You're probably right."

My training of late has been very good, but at the same time not very precise. Work has been crazy, and I'm still spending a lot of time working on the house and getting the condo prepped to sell, and I have a 3 month old who needs tending.

Schedule looks like this:
Monday: BJJ night class
Tuesday: front squats work up to 10-15 total reps (sets of 3 or 5 at 80kg or more), Technique work (clean/snatch/jerk) chin ups >20 total reps. High rep pressing (my shoulders are sore).
Wednesday: BJJ day class, occasionally no-gi night class.
Thursday: deadlifts 10-15 work reps (>400lbs) sets 0f 2-4, rows.. some form ton of reps, high rep pressing.
Friday: aerobic training on the airdyne (10minute intervals) and complexes (kb and barbell)
Saturday: BJJ and No-Gi training.

Sunday: off.
I try to work in more intervals here and there as I get time and recovery to spare.

That's it, that's the non-plan. Once the kid is going to day care and the condo sells I'll get back on a more regimented schedule.


Jesse said...


I'm in Boston right now. Thought about popping to Cressey's facility. But then I thought he'd be better off without me badgering him.

J. B. said...

go.. immediately. Go to boyle's go somewhere. What do you have to lose?

Christine said...


Jesse said...

I didn't go, JB. I had plans with a friend in the afternoon and decided against rambling in the morning. Sadly, I ended up working instead...because that's the only way I can feel not totally keyed up.