Monday, July 12, 2010

This is my house!

One of the stressors that I've neglected to mention to you good folks is that the wife and I are buying a house.. Well we bought it.. sort of.. which is why this is so stressful. The short version is the house (built in the 1940s, and needing a good amount of work) is ours, but so is our condo. We have 6 months to get out of the condo.
So the good amount of work (besides moving) I am just starting to get my head around. It's a lot of paint and spackle, a little bit of work covering some open framing in the utility room. A good friend of ours is a contractor. He'll be working on the house (I'll be his gen. labor monkey). We did a walk-through yesterday. The wife and I put together a wish-list, and he's working up an estimate. There is a fine balancing act going on here that is the stressful part. If we sell the condo quickly, and can get the work we want done without eating up all of our cash (aka our down payment) then we'll be in good shape. If not.. stress.
The cool thing is this house has a garage.. which will soon be a gym. the down side is the ceiling is too low for overhead barbell work.. the up side is it's a garage, so I can open the door.
Over the next couple weeks I will be working, working on the house, moving and the usual dad stuff on top of training.. should be interesting.

Training from the past few days:
BJJ class. Couple good rolls, work was a little messy, and I was in a hurry, so this class is a bit fuzzy.

5/3/1 front squats (cleaned from the floor):
5 at 135
5 at 155
5 at 175
3x10 at 115

5/3/1 Bench press:
5 at 155
5 at 175
7 at 195
Ran out of time, had to be in at meeting.

Extra training:
CSR drop sets:
1 plate and 4 quarters 5 reps, remove a quarter 5 reps... down to 10 at just the plate.
1 plate and 3 quarters.. repeat
1 plate and 2 quarters..
I like drop sets for rows because as you get fatigued the muscles in the mid back that need the work stop working and the ROM shortens up, buy dropping the weight I can get in a ton more volume with the actual scap retractors working.

Made up the Chins at bw that I skipped the day before.

Gun show work.

Friday fun:
kb swings 5/5 at 62, 20 sec airdyne, 20 sec off. x10

BJJ. This Saturday the 17th is a tournament, so I was working with one of the white belts on a fairly remedial snap down takedown, and the Professor asked me to show the class the same. So I did, then he showed the same with a foot sweep. So it was snapdown to the back foot, snapdown transition, snapdown to foot sweep. Then I rolled with a couple of guys. I had a more "successful" couple rolls. The first guy I rolled with told me "Even when I have position on you I don't feel like I have control." That lead em to an epiphany; I'm not competing any time soon. I don't have to 'win' every transition. I think that's the wrestler mentality that is hurting my game and my emotional well being. If I'm in control of the situation, then I'm in control and developmentally that's better than winning the positional battles all the time. Still going to be hard for me to break the winner/loser mentality.

Carried lots of boxes, and poked around the new house.



Code name: 1% said...

Hooray! Congratulations, and happy moving.

Christine said...

Congrats on the house!

Ref: BJJ positional wars, old competitive habits die hard. :)