Monday, June 7, 2010


Good things in my training/jiu-jitsu/life. Sometimes I forget that I have taken a long road to get here, and not to get greedy to jump to the next level.
Training: hip mobility is coming around. Feeling strong in pull-ups. Clean technique coming around. I'm trying to keep pushing these more technical lifts while dropping some body-fat, and round out my relative strength. I have to keep the reigns on load, and volume. Can't risk injury, or burn out. I'm training to supplement my BJJ, not the other way around.
Jiu-jitsu: guard work has improved a ton. Feeling more confidant which leads to better flow. Better mobility/flexibility has lead to better base. Shape is a little dull, but that'll come around. Generally speaking I'm just feeling good physically which is a direct result of time off. Can't lose site of what I'm doing well, I need to stay relaxed and flow.
Life: Emotionally it becomes very easy to put all of your parental baggage away when you become someones parent. I can't read minds and the kid can't talk. It's going to be frustrating at times, and it's ok to be frustrated.. even angry at the kid. It's going to be a long road.

Hopefully my luck will hold up.

Training update:
3 minutes partner towel pull-ups (you do 1 I do 1 repeat for 3)
30 seconds airdyne 30 seconds; kb rack hold (62 and 44lb kb) x3
30 seconds sandbag shoulder, and reverse lunge; 30 seconds hex dumbbell end grip x3
15 seconds on 30 off airdyne x3
15 seconds on 30 off prowler x3

BJJ. Couple decent rolls. Working on attacking more in positions where I have the advantage, but not control.

Sunday: off.

some light bw and kettlebell work. Some very light front squats to work on mobility, then BJJ class at night.



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