Friday, March 12, 2010


Ok folks.. I write a little content, then go all Hollywood and disappear for the rest of the week. Sorry about that.
I've been busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest.
Lots of pre-baby stuff, and catching up on a lot of things that got shelved while I was sick.. but I'm back!

Stuff to read:
Got some more love from Tony Gentilecore. Completely unsolicited, and very flattering.

Very interesting bit from Dr. Jonny Bowden about the FDA. Lots of good information at his blog, you have to sift through a bit, but well worth the time.

Training for the week:
Monday: jiu-jitsu. Good smallish class. Worked on the simple sweep to arm-bar. Trained it 100 times, need to train it about 5000 more.

Tuesday: Clean to front squat (1:3) worked up to 185, and did 5 sets there. Did some cleans and jerks to work on technique. I am thinking of investing in some lifting shoes to help with my squatting (I need a little heel, so chucks are out, but running shoes are too pliable). Cleans from the hang are still better than from the floor.. just need more time and practice.

Wednesday: Jiu-jitsu, day class was small. Rolled with some newer guys really worked on using no effort. Just as Rickson said "Flow with the go." It was a good lesson.
Night class was good. Before class I had a great no-gi roll with Paul. Lots of movement and pressure, I think it helped that the Professor played "the boyz n tha hood" by NWA while we were rolling. During class I worked with one of the kids (really a kid, 12) on his arm-bar. It was kind of fun coaching. Then I talked to the professor about the wrestling 'switch' and it's use in jiu-jitsu.
Finally a good roll with B. I let myself get too tired, run out of gas.. I get cranky and my attitude is not right for "the gentle art." So I cut it short and went home.

Yesterday: Jerks off of a rack worked up to 185 did 5x2 there.
Bench/row: 185x9/85x10/10 x3
chins: some.

Feeling pretty good. Work capacity is back up.. and I'm going to be writing more content on here.. so keep your eyes open for that. God knows, if you have questions email me, or post to the comments and I'll get them answered.

Boyz (careful.. lyrics)