Monday, March 15, 2010

3 years 580 blog posts.

I started this blog 3 years ago (3/13/07). Mostly to stretch my vocabulary,to exercise my metaphors, to flex my literary muscles if you will. Also, to log my workouts and plot data points (I love data).
I've put nearly 100 lbs each on my bench and deadlift, I can do more chin ups, and am generally leaner and fitter at a lower bodyweight. I have better mobility, and am generally healthier than I was.
I've added the prowler, kettlebells, and ropes to my training. I've quit rowing and started jiu-jitsu.
I've met some great folks both in person and virtually (sometimes both.. sometimes in that order). I've had a great 3 years, and with luck will have more.

Friday's workout: 1 minute rounds.
zercher squats from dead stop at 185

Kb snatch

1 prowler loaded with 180 lbs. pushing in single bursts, plant your feet and shove the thing as hard as you can, walk up to the prowler, and repeat.


then 10 rounds of 5 prowler shoves. I like this exercise a lot. Very dynamic and simple. Far more fatiguing than the regular static push (which is saying something).

Class, run by Paul (most folks were at a tournament, but there were still 8 or so guys) The lesson of the day was Armbar from guard to sweep. Then open mat. Rolled with a guy (Dan) down from Victoria, BC. Had a good roll, he was a very nice guy. Might look him up when the wife and I go to Victoria next. Rolled with Gavin, and.. someone else. All in all a good day.

That afternoon I did a light workout. My hip has been bugging me, and my ankle was a little sore from defending an ankle lock that morning, so overhead squats were out. So I just did cleans to front squats (1:3) up to 90 kgs (198 lbs)
did some hip extensions and lots of stretching.

Sunday was off. Spent some time with the wife's family, and ate like crap. This week is going to be a little loose on the diet (Sunday with the wife's family, St. Pats on Wednesday, and birthday stuff all weekend).


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