Thursday, February 4, 2010

Groundhog week.

Good week of training so far.
Monday night class we worked on my favorite sweep from butterfly guard which was good, but butterfly guard always kills my back so I'm a little sore even today.
Tuesday military 5/3/1 week 3
worked up to 5 at 155 then 2x5 at 135
1a rows: 3x8 at 95
chins: some at bw.
Wednesday: good class on the basics. I had a great roll no-gi before class and then rolled like crap after. Got caught in an omo plata trying a new pass, and then it sort of all went down hill from there. My mood was crappy and I was cranky as hell. Got home and got some food and my mood improved dramatically.. must have been out of fuel.
Today is dead day. I'll update my numbers after I lift.

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