Monday, January 11, 2010

You're Failing Seymore!

epic fail pictures

Good Monday, gentle reader. I am not doing well at blogging... you may have noticed. I'm not abandoning you. I'll have my thoughts on the UFC and WEC fights as soon as I watch tonight's UFC event.
Training is going well, but it's just boring. It's boring to do, and I assume boring to read. Lots of intervals, reduced cals. The weights are moving well, but nothing too interesting. Last week looked like this:
Monday: BJJ with extra conditioning and takedowns before class.

Tuesday: Military day: worked up to 140 for 9. Did a bunch of rows. After work did some longer (10 minute) intervals

Wednesday: BJJ with extra conditioning and takedowns before class.

Thursday: Dead day: worked up to 385 for 8, had 1-2 left in the tank, but my back was cranky. 2 sets of 5 at 315. After work 30 minutes of tossing the med ball.

Friday: 7 sets of 3; box squats (technique and speed emphasis) 185+25lbs chains. then immediately to 15x 15 seconds on 30 off prowler pushes.

Saturday: BJJ and open mat, then 3x 3 minutes slideboard (moderate pace)/3 minutes hand bike (all out)/3 minutes rest.

Sunday: rest and meal prep.

I am working my back into the swing of things and will have some more compelling posts forthcoming.

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