Monday, January 18, 2010

UFC fight night 20 and WEC 46

Brief notes on UFC fight night 20:
Beautiful display of jiu-jitsu by Evan Dunham to submit Efrain Escudero.

Escudero should have tapped sooner. Getting your arm mangled when you are caught in a submission is stupid. Just tap. You've lost, no point adding injury to insult.

Tom Lawlor v. Aaron Simpson fight was a good one. I had it even with a slight edge to Lawlor, but I can't fault the judges for calling it the other way. Close close fight.

Amir Sadollah looked good, all be it against fairly questionable competition. Don't get me wrong, Brad Blackburn is a local guy, and a great athlete. I just don't think he is representative of the next level of competition for Sadollah.

I think Gray Maynard stands the best chance of beating B.J. Penn. If he does, it will be a horribly boring fight. A good number of Gray's fights have been boring. I think THAT is the reason the UFC gave Frankie Edgar the title shot over Gray. Right now B.J. is the only healthy champion the UFC has, and one of the more entertaining. If he were to get beaten in a snoozer buy a guy who tends to fight in snoozers it would be bad for business. I think when GSP, Silva, Machida and/or Lesner get healthy then the UFC will take a chance and make that fight. Then again they might not.

Ben Henderson was getting tooled before he pulled off the 'Hail Mary' guillotine choke on Jamie Varner. Varner should know how to get out of that choke better. Oh and to all of the folks who were talking about Henderson fighting B.J. ask Carlos Condit how the transition from WEC champ to UFC fighter works.

The California kid looked good against Raphael Assuncao. I am tired of him as the perpetual #1 contender. I understand that he puts butts in seats, but every time someone wins the WEC featherweight belt they have to fight Faber. It's getting a little tired. Aren't there more guys out there?

Welcome back Mike Brown.

Kamal Shalorus could be a lot of problems for a lot of people. The guy has a chin of granite, throws bombs, and has the best takedown defense I've seen in an MMA fight.

This weekend was good for me. I've been on low cals for the past two weeks, and am down about 5 lbs. I had a short refeed sunday morning at Salty's. Best brunch in town. I had about 2 lbs of crab, some shrimp, prime rib, and splurged with a scone and a piece of coconut cake (every good southern boy's favorite). I feel like a million bucks right now.

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