Friday, January 29, 2010

One piece, moving better.

There are going to be some changes to my training here soon. More on that later.
I was inspired by reading a bunch of Coach Dan John's work, and decided to warm up on overhead squats, then move on to the split squats I've been doing.. Well after a LONG warm up I worked my way up to 1 hang snatch, then 3 oh squats (full depth) at 95.
Not good, but progress. I did a bunch of sets here until I got tired and had to dump the bar because it got out in front of me. So I transitioned to 1 hang clean 5 front squats. Did 4 sets here.
Hip mobility has come a long way. That was the most fun I've had in the gym in a long time.
Took today off. I am a bit sore today, and am going to a no-gi seminar all day tomorrow. My sleep has been pretty crap. None of that alone would lead me to take a day off, but with all of those combined.. it was time.
Have a great weekend.

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Jesse said...

It always gives me confidence that I'm heading in the right direction when we take similar paths, JB.