Sunday, January 24, 2010

Broccoli and catch up..

The wife is at a meeting at the boathouse, so I'm catching up with you folks.
when last we spoke was Tuesday, I got a decent lift in that afternoon.
5/3/1 military day:
worked up to 9 at 145.
Did some heavy 1 arm rows (3x8 at 95)
lots of chins.

Wednesday was class.
Felt a little flat and slow. I was moving ok, but kept coming up a little short.. timing a little off.
Happens some days.

Tuesday, 5/3/1 deads.
for the first time the low cals got to me.
5x405 it was fast, but got light headed. I had 1-2 more in me at least. I'll have to adjust pre-training cals.
from there suitcase carry the length of the basketball court, clean and press, and waiters walk back (55 lb dumbbell)
4x each arm.

Friday fun:
inch worm with a push-up (+20lb weighted vest)
kb suitcase carry/waiters walk 4x (timing station)
pinch hold 2x25 lb plates hold at chest height and step-up
grapper's twist, grappler's twist, row

full rest
2 minutes each:
trx scarecrow
kneeling floor to ceiling with 15 lb dumbbells+25lb of chain.
hip extensions.
planks rolling the 6 lb med ball to partner
planks rolling the 6 lb med ball to partner

went to class, didn't roll much. Had a good roll with B, and with a couple new guys. Had a good conversation with Jimmy from T-town MMA. Seems to be a good guy who really cares about his athletes.

Then the wife and I met up for 'date night' we pushed the prowler for about 20 minutes. She on the high handles, I used the low handles.

Then we went to see Invictus. Decent flick.The rugby scenes were accurate, if a little too stilted. Couple poor directorial decisions that really hurt the movie: too much manipulation, and some of the music was down right horrible. The director's son: Scott Eastwood was terrible as Joel Stransky. Those problems aside, it was pretty good.. Matt Damon did a respectable job (even if he is 6 inches too short to play Francois Pinaar) Morgan Freeman was great. In fact most of the acting in fact was fine. the story is great, just handled poorly.
Read the book. It's much better, and wait for the film to come out on DVD.

Went to class today. Got to roll with the professor, always a great learning experience.
Most of all had fun and got some quality mat time.
Then I had some lamb and broccoli rabe for supper. The wife hates broccoli, so I only get to eat it when she's away.. it was fantastic.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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