Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Working man blues

Friday was good: went to day class and rolled with a few folks.
Friday night:
10 burpees with weight vest
4 lenghts of the rope hand over hand
5x slosh pipe ohp.

Saturday: more class and rolling. Good fun. I am glad to be back at it.
Sunday I drove down to Portland to work on a move in our Portland office and ended up staying and working down there all day Monday. I stayed over with a good friend of mine and his girlfriend. The girlfriend is a PT and we had a great discussion about training, graston, SMR, and 100 other things.
Monday night I got home at a reasonable hour, but was just flat exhausted, so no training yesterday.
Today I'm going to do my last 5/3/1 workout of this cycle, then deload.
I'm going to take a month and do 3 weeks of higher volume unilateral training (lots of dumbbells) and then retest some of my lifts. I've been doing 5/3/1 for 6 months now (about) and I want a month or so to back off and reset.
More on that later.. till then


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