Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why exercise won't make you thin?

Article here..
First off who wants to be thin?
Second, This article is swimming in a lot of murky water. Some of it is pretty dumb: if you burn 200 cals and eat 400 extra, you’re not going to lose weight.
Well of course not.
Diet is more important than exercise when it comes to body comp.. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Exercise is necessary for keeping lean body mass, and giving you some "wiggle room" in your diet.
One of the more annoying things is that none of the studies controlled diet. Most of the studies told participants to “eat their normal diet.” Which is kind of bogus; most people don’t have any idea what they consume.
Also, they didn't differentiate (at least in the article, if not in the studies) different forms of exercise, which considering that bowling and poker are sports these days makes this kind of dubious in my mind.
Control your diet: high protein, high fibrous veggies. Work hard in the gym, and your comp will change. I believe that, it's been true every time I've done it, or seen it done.
Re.. Best response to this P.O.S. here.

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