Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's been a crazy week. Major project at work, first week of training since the vacation.. lots going on. My numbers have been way off from where they were before vacation. I am going to complete this month as written, and then if the numbers are still off, I'll adjust accordingly.
Saturday: severely Jet lagged after the 28+ hour journey home. I went to class and rolled, then went to the gym for week 1 miltary:
5 at 115
5 at 135
5 at 150 3 reps off of my pr.

rows 8/8 at 95
dips 10 at bw +25
x 3

Sunday went climbing. Finished a V2, consistently hitting V0 and most V1 routes.

Monday did a light barbell circuit: 5 hang snatch, 5 clean and press, 5 good mornings 4 rounds
then class that night.

Tuesday: week 1 deads
5 at 290
5 at 335
8 at 380 1 rep off of my pr.

step ups at 95 1 long set of 40 per leg (20/20,10/10,10/10)

Wednesday just class that night.

Thursday: week 1 bench
5 at 160
5 at 180
9 at 205 a whopping 5 reps off of my pr... suck.

chins.. lots
push-ups 50
band pull-aparts also lots.

Friday: went to class during the day because I knew I would have to work Saturday, and I was worried I'd get stuck and have to miss class.
Then Friday fun:
1 minute on 3 off each station.
plate walks at 35
grappler's twist at bw
sandbag carries at big ass sandbag
kb snatch (right)
kb snatch left
plate walks
grappler's twist
kb snatch (switch hands as needed)

Saturday, as I feared, I got stuck at work and missed class. Spent the whole day going up and down a step ladder (at least 200 times.. at least)
Watched UFC 101.. kind of a snoozer. No real surprises.
Sunday went climbing by myself. Then put a new disposal in, this is one of the bigger pain in the butt projects I've completed.

Last night went to class, and got caught up on some sleep.
Feeling good. Tonight is squats, and lamb curry.. mmmm

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