Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Remember kids: hands down, chin up.

Training has been good this week.. so far at least.
Monday, I had a good session at jiu-jitsu. We worked on some back control escapes. I even got to teach the 'granby.' (see video below)

At the end of class I was awarded my second stripe on my blue belt. I did not expect that at all. Totally shocked.
Neil was awarded his blue belt. He deserved it. I gave him his first roll of the evening and did my best to put it on him. He took some lumps, but he managed to avoid getting subbed. After that I got a late roll with 'D' he's always great to roll with. He's really upped his game a lot. It was a fun roll. He caught me with a filthy arm-bar at the end. It was nice.
Since the wife is out of town, I ended up staying very late, and chatting with folks. It was good to be back. Jiu-jitsu is really part of my life now, and I don't feel right if I'm away for too long.

yesterday morning was bench day week 1:
5 at 155
5 at 180
14 at 200 this ties a PR for "calculated max" and when compared to my previous best of 12 at 185 before starting the 5/3/1 it's a major improvement. I can't wait for week 3 see how many reps I can get at 225.

chins: 5 at bw
push-ups: 15
neck work (some)

In the afternoon I did lots of mobility work, drop snatches and hang snatches. worked up to 2 at 135 for the hang snatch.
then did 20 minutes or so of heavy bag work. Just thinking about footwork and technique. This was a lot of fun. I still miss boxing. It's too bad my feet can't handle all of the jump-rope that most gyms require. My lead hook still has some pop as long as I remember to turn my hip over and roll the shoulder. Fun stuff.


ces said...

A second stripe so quickly?
You must be doing something right. Well done and congratulations!

J. B. said...

I was surprised too.
I can't explain it other than, I was deemed to be ready.
If I don't feel I'm there, then it's up to me to get there.