Thursday, June 11, 2009

Denial is not just a river in Egypt...

Yesterday, An 88 year old white-supremacist and holocaust denier went in to the National Holocaust Museum with the intent on shooting as many people as he could. Security guards shot him, but not before he shot a couple people himself. Just a sad and terrible act.
I can very vaguely conceptualize racism, I don't agree with it, but I understand how a weak person could fall into that trap: people like me used to have power over these other people, so I should have power over them. It's pathetic and sad, but I can understand feeling powerless and grasping at straws.
I don't understand Holocaust denial. Perhaps because I have met someone who was interned at a concentration camp. Even from arms length, it doesn't get these racist morons anything. All it does is give quantifiable evidence that you're an idiot. There is video footage, and all kinds of documents from the Nazis to back it up. Books and anecdotes from both sides. It happened. Denying it only shows the rest of us how fast and loose you are playing with history to bend it to your agenda.
Give it up, and go away.

Training for the week:
Monday was just some light stretching trying to recover and let the back heal up.

Tuesday was rough:
military 5/3/1 week 3
Mil. press:
5x 125
3x 145
6x 160 (absolute all out effort to finish #6) major PR on these.

rows/dips superset
12/12 at 85 lbs
10 at +20
all x3

Face pulls x lots at some weight.

Afternoon training:
10x single length prowler push+140
8x rope hand over hand pulls at length of rope
eleventeen x lay on the floor and pant.

Wednesday night jitz:
Learned to take the back or sweep from guard. Did some very technical rolling no hands and then one hand. Makes you think about base, positioning, and movement.
Called it a day because my sciatic was pissed at me.

this morning:
5/3/1 week 3 deads:
5 at 320
3 at 365
6 at 405 major pr*
*previous best was 3 reps. I did 4 in a row, reset grip did 1, reset grip did 1. Grip usually isn't a problem, but my forearms are still sore from climbing and the rope pulling, so I'll allow it.

Low box step-ups:
5/5/5/5/5/5 at 95
10/10 at 95
done and done.

tonight will be some light conditioning and dinner with the wife's grandparents for their 65th wedding anniversary. I told the wife I couldn't imagine being ALIVE for 65 years, let alone married for that long. Will I change my tune... I'll get back to you in 60 years or so.


Jesse said...

Burly military presses. I don't know if I could hit 160 in a split jerk.

J. B. said...

I'm pretty happy with it. Things are coming along.
You have to remember that I'm considerably bigger than you are, I have two decades of training under my belt, and I don't put a lot of miles in. Any one of those things would help by them selves.

Jesse said...

Well, I'm not putting in may miles these days. The new job is good in some respects but it's severely limiting the amount of time I train on the bike. I end up in the gym more often than not.

We'll see about those 160# presses...