Monday, March 30, 2009

slept too much.

relaxing weekend. Friday was a good simple workout:
kb get-up with a snatch:
5/5 at 44

single leg squat at bw use trx for stability.
(AMAP while someone else does get-ups)

(AMAP while yet someone else does get-ups)

done and done.

Saturday went to class, worked on.. something.. damn. I forget.
I try to document each move and go over it in my head a few times till the next class, but I'm having car troubles and it's got me distracted.
I rolled with Yuki. Had a great roll with him. I used the crucifix for the first time, I couldn't finish, but mostly due to indecisiveness. Tried to keep the pressure on him and not let him off the hook. Felt pretty good, still need to be more expansive. More dangerous off my back, higher pressure game. I gassed out too soon. Yuki moves and moves and moves. He's hard to pin down. I rested for a while and thought through a few things, asked Stephen how to finish the choke from the crucifix. He helped a lot.
From there I rolled with B. I was moving pretty well. Got him in an armbar, but he successfully hid his hand. I should have used the opposite elbow to break his grip. Didn't think of it at the time. I started cramping up and called that a day.

I started to watch Superbad on Saturday night.. It sucked something aweful. I'm no prude, but it was not funny. Didn't Laugh.

The weather is starting to turn here in Seattle. It'll be time to take the friday fun outside.

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