Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Double duty.

Started new schedule today:
M: Bjj at night
T: lift during the day, wrestling at night
W: Bjj
Th: lift during the day, wrestling at night
F: Friday fun
S: Bjj in the morning, then light accessory lifting at night.
Su: off.

last night: worked on the scissor sweep and a defense to it. Didn't spar.

warm up: swings and snatches at 53 lb KB.. couple sets each hand.

A) chin-ups 5 at bw
B) deads worked up to 3 at 405.
moderate rest between. 5 total sets of each.

dips: 40 total at bw.
Quick and dirty.
Keeping the volume low and the work high.
I'll need to bring more food to work as I was starving earlier.

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